Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Is it too late?

Here is 5 reasons why it is never too late.

1. Your happiness comes before so many things that you think are important that really aren't.

2. Imagine a grandparent making a huge life chance to finally be happy, how cute would that be. As I said, never too late.

3. You are who you are. We're not always ready to make life changes but when you are, there should be nothing stopping you.

4. If you start now, in two weeks to time, you'll be two weeks better than you were before.

5. If you have an passion/interest persue it. If you're 16 and your think you're too late to start a hobby you are wrong. (Don't worry, I'm still learning this myself) because you only get one life and if you think you're too old, well your only getting older each day.

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