Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Is it too late?

Here is 5 reasons why it is never too late.

1. Your happiness comes before so many things that you think are important that really aren't.

2. Imagine a grandparent making a huge life chance to finally be happy, how cute would that be. As I said, never too late.

3. You are who you are. We're not always ready to make life changes but when you are, there should be nothing stopping you.

4. If you start now, in two weeks to time, you'll be two weeks better than you were before.

5. If you have an passion/interest persue it. If you're 16 and your think you're too late to start a hobby you are wrong. (Don't worry, I'm still learning this myself) because you only get one life and if you think you're too old, well your only getting older each day.

Comment! it would make my day, I promise you.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


The first step to happiness is not relying on sympathy because a boy can only cry wolf so many times. It has occurred to me that you have to be in a deep enough level of pain for people to feel sympathy and this can often make people exaggerate their pain. The ideal solution is that as humanity we see the flaw in this and give me hugs more often but that is highly unlikely.

My scars don't hurt as much as hers,
That's why she and I will never be the same,
She will see both much more love and hurt than I ever will.

I must comfort myself,
Because my wounds are bandagable,
Even if the leave scars deeper than the wounds were.

Happiness stems for being happy with you lot in life. So do that. And if your not, change what you have.

Self help is a huge part of recovery, especially as far as mental health is concerned. It is easy for others to tell you that they love you but you have to tell yourself that you love you before you are going to get anywhere. The hardest part though is that that isn't as easy as it sounds. In my experience music and books and the wise words of others help but am I still waiting for the day that I hold myself in the extremely high regards my five year old self held myself in. Even then, when you think about it, I probably still doubted things about myself and so maybe it's an illusion that grew with time, or with my ever shrink self regards.

The one thing I read a while back that I am saving for a decades time is to eat ice cream naked. I'm aware of how stupid that sounds but when you think about, is there a better way to fully come to terms with your body image? I bet it's up there at least: eating food you know is bad for you and seeing your stomach bloat in the process and being fine with it.

I intended for this post to be longer but I do not know what to write and this is the only way I see BEDA 2 actually happening :)

Monday, 3 August 2015

How have I failed already!?

And so while on the focus of being late here is a poem that I found in the notes section of my phone that I think I wrote (it has been a while and I sort of remember writing it but also I cannot find it when googled):

I have come to the conclusion that the only possible way forward is to live for tomorrow, that is what my mind has wrapped its head around; but in reality all we have is now, so in short, I guess I'm still learning,

How have I failed already!?
Maybe the answer shouldn't be that I've have failed. While I may have failed to meet the targets in my head, those targets are often too far out of reach even for the best of people. Maybe instead I have simply been forced to work at a slightly different pace or in a slightly different direction. 

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(the second photo I took while in Bath)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Dear February

There's a certain beauty to February today.

I'm definitely one for summer, the heat and the happiness and the endless ice cream. 

But I'm on a bus in a coat and spring's coming and I'm slightly too warm and I can't help but notice how beautiful "town" looks. Town shouldn't look beautiful, ever, but it's just so sunny and it's as if it's trying to prove its worth to me.

Maybe it's that my outlook on life is positive and that it hasn't been for a while. Maybe it's because I don't have anything planned for this afternoon and that hasn't happened in over a month.

I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's just that it reminds me of summer (oh the irony) but February, you seem nice today.

No longer the rain of January and not quite yet the flowers of May. Can you believe we're already an eighth into the year! Me neither!

And I feel as if maybe tonight I won't have to chase away the sadness before I drift to sleep in my bed which is already too hot in the evening and a heaven on the schools mornings (on the weekends I tend to wake up a couple of hours later, read and then dance around before dragging myself into the shower)

Disclosure: when I talked about being sad before it's not a sympathy call, it's just plain boring truth. The sad things in my life tend to happen in the evenings and lately I've made a policy to ensure I'm happy before I go to sleep as the worst thing is waking up happy and then remembering the trials of the night before.

I seem to have forgot how naturally blogging comes to me when on buses or in cafes in summer.

Louise x

Also, how am I feeling this positive on a Monday: BRING ON THE WEEK :)