Friday, 5 December 2014

BLOGMAS DAY 5 - my favourite Youtube videos

I was going through my Favourite Youtube videos and they are just too good not to share with you.

There's nothing much to else to say so:
(warning: some of the following contain explicit language and references)

self motivation:
How to be pretty - HelloKaty
What guys look for in girls - Savannah Brown
I Hated Myself too - teawiththreesugars
Baking With Lucy Episode II: An Attack of The Crumble - meowitslucy

Things Girls wish guys knew - HelloKaty (no video is this series is 100% perfect but they all have great moments)
Charlotte and Holly from Geordie Shore Comedy Song - Luke Mills
How to get a boy to like you! Becca Hodgekins - crabsticks
Fall Favourites - Andrew Lowe
How animals eat their food - MEM
The Hemingway Challenge ft. JOHN GREEN - MyHarto
How to read a John Green Book - TheBookTuber
Animal Impression 4 - crabsticks
my reaction to darren criss pictures - tyler oakley
How to get kicked out a hotel - emma blackery
year ago clothes - alex day
the secrets of girls - cherry wallis
if websites were people - troye sivan

10 things you've been doing wrong #2 - Taras Kul
Everything wrong with frozen in 10 minutes - CinemaSins
Glee - Alex an Carrie style - itswaypastmybedtime
the fault in our stars suprise - troye sivan
easy reads with Books and quills - essie button ( not the best video per say but some great book suggestions)
lip collection/makeup graveyard - tati ( i love videos like this where people vlog clearing out their makeup collection idk i think its just me, oh well)
50 things I love about NYC - Ingrid Nilson

thank you for reading and or watching i really hope you enjoyed this and that your enjoying December in general.
comment your all time favourite YouTube video
Louise xo

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