Saturday, 12 July 2014

Billy Eliot

So a while ago I went to see Billy Elliot the musical in the London West End and I've been meaning to review it for a couple of months now but I never know how to. It really was that amazing. 

Let's start with the story, it's set during the miners strike and reflects on how the miners strike is stopping a young boy from achieving his dreams of dancing because his parents can't afford it and think it will damage the families reputation. It's a moving story and it's one of those where it's not the overall story that matters but instead it is all of the little moments in life.

The acting was amazing, and then you remember that over half the cast are under the age if 15 and that blows your mind away even more. The cast were really mature especially given all the swearing that takes place and yet every single character is so loveable and so complex. 

The dancing was phenomenal, if you do go and see it look out for the bit just before the interval but there are professional dancers and people who've had months of extreme training so that they could be in the musical.

The songs were amazing with so much meaning and all of them had good rhythms etc. I especially liked the grandmas song and he could be star as one made me laugh and the other made me cry, you'll have to see it to find out which ;)

And lastly the staging was just so creative with props and walls flying in and out of the walls and the floor and other props and walls.

I know I sound like I'm promoting it but I'm not I just saw it and I need to share it with the world, you know, like that quote about evangelical zeals from TFIOS. So in short, please take a day to see this, appropriate for 12 and up I'd say but there is a lot of swearing. Also it helps it you have some background knowledge of the miners strike.

Thank you for reading, Louise xo

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