Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Why Labels Suck

A youtuber you've probably all heard of known as SprinkleofGlitter recently did a video on YouTube Culture and it made me think about labels for 2 reasons.

Reason Number one:
We are both called Louise and yet we are so different and I only remember that we share our name when I think about it. This made me think about how labels in general bring on stereotypes that are usually so false its unbelievable. 

Reason Number one:
People idolise Louise because of her labels e.g. Youtuber, Famous etc. but how much do they labels tell us about her, don't get me wrong I love Louise but I make a point of not idolising anyone. 

My one execption to that rule is that i idolise my future self. Crazy I know, but I like having life plans and knowing who I aspire to be so obviously I idolise that made up person and after not having plans or dreams for the last few years, I felt great in the last few weeks now that I have plans again.

We are ourselves and we change, every day we become someone new, someone based on yesterday's us but not yesterday's us. Change isn't a bad thing, it's great, it allows us to grow and be who we want to be and if people continue to label us then we have no hope.

So think before you label people, because full stereotypes do not exist. While a group of people may share a characteristic, it is only one characteristic.
And think before you assume things, if you've changed this year, why hasn't everyone else.

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