Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Today, I wanted to blog about happiness because it's one of the most important things in the world in my opinion and I felt it was important to remind of you of that; but without further ado, I bring you happiness:

Why be happy?
Happiness controls you, it controls your productivity, health, relations, education or work and so much more. This makes it important and NECESSARY. The happier you are the better you are, in so many ways.

How to become happy?
Focus on the positive, I know that's easier to say than to do but it can be done, if you spend hours thinking about who hates you and no time on what makes you happier and the memories that you've made then of course you're not going to be smiling.

Secondly, it is important to be productive and make the most of your life, if you spend lots of time doing nothing your going to a) dwell on both the good and bad but b) your also more likely to hate yourself for not having achieved anything. Doing sports, going to the gym, or having a hobby makes you happier in so many way, especially if you can feel like you've achieved something and done something you enjoy for a few hours.

How to stay happy?
In the same ways that you become happy, you stay happy. Happiness can be easy but it's a long term thing, so keep up those hobbies and positive thoughts and you will keep up your happiness too.

Reasons to be happy and a book to read?
A simple way to be happier is to write a list of things that make you happy or to find a published list and highlight the ones that you agree with. For this I recommend '14,000 things to be happy about' (a book) because it's great at reminding you of all the small things in life that we take for grated or have forgotten about and makes you grateful for them again and happy that you happy remembered them.

I really need to know if like these deeper posts or not so please comment if you want me to do more or less of them. 

Thank you for reading, Louise x

Sorry for the poor quality photos I just did not have the time

Why Labels Suck

A youtuber you've probably all heard of known as SprinkleofGlitter recently did a video on YouTube Culture and it made me think about labels for 2 reasons.

Reason Number one:
We are both called Louise and yet we are so different and I only remember that we share our name when I think about it. This made me think about how labels in general bring on stereotypes that are usually so false its unbelievable. 

Reason Number one:
People idolise Louise because of her labels e.g. Youtuber, Famous etc. but how much do they labels tell us about her, don't get me wrong I love Louise but I make a point of not idolising anyone. 

My one execption to that rule is that i idolise my future self. Crazy I know, but I like having life plans and knowing who I aspire to be so obviously I idolise that made up person and after not having plans or dreams for the last few years, I felt great in the last few weeks now that I have plans again.

We are ourselves and we change, every day we become someone new, someone based on yesterday's us but not yesterday's us. Change isn't a bad thing, it's great, it allows us to grow and be who we want to be and if people continue to label us then we have no hope.

So think before you label people, because full stereotypes do not exist. While a group of people may share a characteristic, it is only one characteristic.
And think before you assume things, if you've changed this year, why hasn't everyone else.

Thank you for reading, sorry it's deep, I'm scrapping the schedule and uploading as much as possible whenever I want so follow me on bloglovin or check my blog at least once a week for new content.

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