Tuesday, 6 May 2014

What's in my bag

So I bet the question you're all dying to know if what's in my bag, right? See, I'm always right!

a purse - Primark £5
iPhone - 3GS
headphones - Sony £10
chewing gum - extra strawberry
bobby bins
brush - babyliss (tangle teaser dupe)
sunglasses - ray-ban style
beauty / necessities bag:

hand cream - soap and glory
purse containing lady objects - Paperchase
cetraben cream
hand sanitizer - the body shop
miror - forever 21
body spray - so...?
deodrant - dove
face wipes - l'oreal skin perfection

The actual bag itself is from New Look. it cost me around £20 and is lasting amazing with just a few scraps on the buckle. I love this for shopping or a day out with friends but I am after a small one for the times when you don't need the kitchen sink beside you.

thank you for reading, follow, comment, like. Louise x

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