Monday, 26 May 2014


Sorry for not posting in other a month, life got in the way but I'm back, I'm hoping to do one post a week and prepare for blogmas.

I really like to listen to podcasts when I'm walking, having quiet time, in the gym or as background to fall asleep to.

I do want to post a full list of the ones I listen to but I am currently trialling loads and don't want to give you bad recommendations so my top 5 are: ( drum roll please)

When the kids go to sleep - the Shaytards
We all know and love the shaytards who daily vlog their family life and the podcast by the mum and dad of the family is as equally entertaining and inspiring.

friday night comedy - bbc radio 4
Something me and my stepdad have always shared a love of, topical comedy shows about news etc. (don't be put off by the fact that's it's radio 4, instead think mock the week etc.)

answer me this - helen and olly
One of the very first podcasts I feel in love with, send in your questions and listen to them answered,hilarious  and stuffed with funny jingles.

the ellen show - telepictures productions (video)
I love the Ellen show and this keeps my Ellen levels up when it's hard to watch her in the uk. Under five minute snippets from her amazing show.

Psychobabble - tyler oakley
Tyler and Korey host a podcast that is all knew and exciting, it is simply 40 minutes or them gossiping and reminiscing every week.

Sorry about the poor picture quality, the images may or may not be very zoomed in.

I look forward to blogging again,

Comment, like and follow, Louise xo

Ps. Any blogmas suggestions or requests?

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