Friday, 18 April 2014

What's in my shower

Sorry I haven't updated in a while but you know how it is and I've decide that during the summer
holidays I will try and upload every day so I'm currently working on writing posts for that.
For shampoo I've been using the L'Oreal Elvie Nutri-Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner, it works fine and is standard but I wouldn't say I have seen any major differences in my hair when using it.
Then I have my bath lily, loafer etc. that I use with shower gel.

This travel shower gel that I'm using up the Shea butter smells great but the formula is well.. jelly. However,  its fine by the time I put it into my bath lily.

Then because I'm a teenager, and acne decided it wanted to be a thing, I have a tea tree face scrub from the body shop, which I love, both the body shop and the scrub.

Following the body shop trend I also have a cucumber cleanser which I use on my face on the days I'm not using the scrub.

I then have a shower comb but I don't really use it that often. If I do, I use it while there is conditioner in my hair.
Then in my cupboard I store my spare shower gel, and the body shop shower gel that I use as bubble bath (the moringa one) because I'm not big on the whole one million bubble concept.
Can you see I have a body shop problem...yeah.....
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