Saturday, 29 March 2014

Product Empties #2

So I've been trying to use up lots of products lately after christmas left me bombarded with samples and travel size and sets and oh gosh.

Fruity beauty bath pearls and sprinkles from m&s:
The breath pearls are great, I use this in addition to my usual bubble bath and when I step out of the tub it feels like I just applied body lotion or body oil. However, I do not rate the bath sprinkles at all as I felt like these did nothing what so ever. I'm therefore going to try and purchase just bath pearls in the future. Comment if you know where to get hold of these as they only seem widely avaliable around christmas.

The body shop cucumber cleanser:
This is great to use in your shower routine and it really helps balance oily skin or simply cleanse your face, saying this I do have to rotate between this and my tea tree scrub because of my acne and blemish prone skin.

Superdrug essentials toner:
I use toner to help with acne believe if or not and a while ago these where going for 10p and the cleanser for 30p when they were rebranded so naturally I stocked up. I use a cotton pad to wipe this over my face in the mornings and it's great although the lid isn't the best as it just pours out so I use the one from the boots toner as it drips the toner and fits on perfectly. I'm working my way through the last bottle of this but when I'm finished I want to try out some other toners so I won't be repurchasing this.

Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 Make-up Remover:
To be honest, I'm not a mad fan of this product. It removes makeup very well and I bought it because it claimed to do everything in 1 (face and eyes, non waterproof and waterproof). However my main criticism with this, is that the mixture is spilt and you have to shake it; meaning it inevitably goes everywhere and all over you and then you clean it up and it splits again really quickly making it a skill just to soak a cotton pad with it. 

Lavendar bath cream:
While I'm not usually keen on overly floral or herbal scents, this isn't overpowering and after 5 mins it can hardly be smelt at all. The best part about this bath cream though is that it is surprisingly calming and relaxing, I don't particularly notice this while I'm in the bath but when I get out it definitely seems to have destressed me.

L'Oreal skin perfecting face wipes:
These are fine as standard face wipes for removing makeup or quickly cleansing your face but they don't really do anything other than that such as the soothing or calming that it claims. I therefore don't really think these are worth their price when you could find similar quality ones for a lot cheaper.

Ted baker lip gloss:
I loved the colour of this and the twisty tube makes it really easily to apply. The major downside though was the formula which was far too sticky for my likely, this was a huge let down and therefore I wouldn't repurchase it of recommend it to anyone.

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