Thursday, 13 February 2014

The 100 films you should see in 2014

No, I'm not going to list 100 films but I know a website that will. I recently read this post and loved it.

Although this post suggests that 2014 isn't going to be the best year for films I would totally disagree. With many book adaptation and sequels on the horizon, it looks very exciting.

My top 5:

Summary: liesel is an orphan with a love for books but with ww2 taking place a Jewish refugee hides in their basement from the nazi's.

My opinion: it is supposed to be narrated by death which makes an interesting twist and I haven't read the book for this but it sounds great and has amazing reviews.

Summary: set in a future where society is into 5 factions and you choose you home when you are 16. But tris is divergent, fitting into more than one group and that means trouble. She also strikes up a relationship with her trainer nicknamed four.

My opinion: i just finished reading the book yesterday and I can't wait to see this, personally I think it's better than hunger games but we'll have to see if the films is that way aswell.

Summary: Hazel is battling cancer when she meets Augustus at support group. They fall in love and share adventures looking for the author of An Imperial Affliction.

My opinion: the book is one of those that every teen should read and hopefully the film will live up to that. I'm warning you though, the plot is very sad. With the two main actors also being two of the main actors in divergent, these Shailene and Ansel could have big things to come.

Summary:  5 years after the first film, Hiccup is under from his father to settle down and start a family. But when he meets the Dragon Rider there is a new threat to the peace between Viking and dragonkind.

My opinion: the first film was so sweet and lovely and I just hope it will follow the trend.

Summary: katniss finds herself in district 13 where she is used as a figurehead in the was but she is hesitant to commit to the cause while President Snow still holds Peeta prisoner.

My opinion: i am starting to feel like the hunger games it dragging on but nevertheless if it is amazing as the second (I didn't really like the first film) then we are in for a treat. And but turning the book (which I read two years ago) into two films hopefully we will saw lots of details that usually get cut out.

My teenage hipsterness (it should be a word) is evident from my tastes isn't it :|

I really recommend that you check it out and book mark your upcoming favourites and I promise there are some good ones including names you'll recognise such as dumb and dumber too and 22 jump street:

Thank you for reading, Louise xo

Please comment because this post too a while to put together and I just love reading comments, it makes it all worthwhile :) ...what films are you looking forward too?

(Photos are screenshots from the empire post)

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