Thursday, 9 January 2014

blogmas day 25: 2014

So far I seen, read and heard so much the fact that one year is over and that another has began. I don't intend to do a favourites post for I have only just started blogging and I feel it would be a waste.

So instead I wanted to share my plans for the new year with you, such as my resolutions.

1. have an amazing year (2013 was far to average for my liking)
2. record things more (memories, dreams, books that I like etc.)

Next comes my plans for this blog: 1 to two post per week and I already have a few lined up so I should start a schedule very soon. Feel free to post ideas on post suggestions or how I could I prove my blog in general.

As I said I want 2014 to be one of those years that you remember and I have one or two things lined up that will hopefully help with that goal.

I am also dying of excitement for various things such as the Alex day book (which I have already decided I will get as an audiobook so that I can hear him reading it which will hopefully make it even better) and the fault in our stars film. I also plan to read and then watch divergent, again any suggestion would be great!

Thank you for reading, merry blogmas and a happy new year, Louise x

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