Thursday, 9 January 2014

blogmas day 23: the christmas tag

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
I think present buying, wrapping and giving present. I not sure why, I think just the excuse to shop ALOT and my OCDness definitely makes wrapping presents fun. Also I really love Christmas decorations. I hate the effort of putting them up but walking home seeing twinkly lights everywhere can only ever be a good thing.

What is your favourite make-up look for the festive season?
I tend to go for quite a natural look all year round but with dark berry lips in winter, one of my earlier blogmas posts showed this if you are interested.

Real or fake tree?
Both have there pros and cons to be honest. Real ones are more authentic, smell nicer and make the place feel more Christmassy but artificial ones definitely look more uniform and better.

Giving presents or receiving them?
Both. Giving is as I said an excuse to shop and use my OCDness for good and receiving is obviousy great.

Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
One side of family like homemade and the other find it tacky, therefore I do both. In terms of receiving them, I personally prefer a nice bought one but I definitely appreciate any effort put behind a home made card.

What’s your favourite Christmas film?
I don't really have one but recently I watched Arthur Christmas with my baby cousin and I loved it!

What’s your favourite Christmas food?
Christmas pudding and cake!

thank you and bye, louise x

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