Sunday, 15 December 2013

blogmas day 14: festive hits

As like everyone else in this world I really struggle not to burst into song when I hear a festive hit whether it be in a supermarket, a car or my room. I thought I woud share some of faviourite with you from the last few years and from the obvious classics.

My favourite festive hits tend to change every year apart from the obvious classic such as:

Happy xmas everybody (war is over):

I wish it could be Christmas everyday:
Do they know it's Christmas:

But my favourites from the last few years are:

Train - shake up Christmas:
I think this was a cola add at some point but it just sounds really festive in my opinion.

Lily Allen - Somewhere only we know:
After the John Lewis I find it hard to believe that anyone can not like this song, I know its not truly festive but it sounds it. Also, I've been reading The fault in our stars and its been scary how A LOT of songs relate to it, this one included ( in this case their third world on the phone ).

thank you for reading, Louise x
videos are obviously not mine

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