Monday, 2 December 2013

My affordable must haves part 2

...and so we continue.

this liquid eyeliner from collection only costs £2.99 and its long lasting and doesn't budge from your face until you touch it which is when it goes everywhere. 

this mascaras from collection are great and only cost £1.99.

Anything you do to help out your spots is always a plus and apply this simple tea tree gel which you can get from Wilkinsons for 98p helps keep everything clean and hygienic.

this is a great eye primer from MUA who in general offer some great bargains.
i really recommend having an eye primer and it really is one of those how did i live before this products.
You can get this from superdrug for £2.50.

This nail whitener is from Rimmel and you put this underneath the tips of your nails.
You can purchase this from Superdrug for just £2.99

this natural collection lipstick in cranberry is great and onl cost £1.99.

I love this BB cream for miss sporty and with two layers it has great evening out qualities. 
it costs £3.49. There are only 2 shades but because of its sheer and build-able coverage it will suit most.

Most cotton pads are the same and so I tend to hunt for the cheapest. I've found that Primark ones are great and you get two of these tubes for a pound.

I'm so sorry about the awful photo quality in this post.

Thank you,
BYE. <3

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