Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dry lips!

Dry lips are awful, especially in the winter, so i thought id give you reviews of my lip balm and butter etc. collection.

This is my collection or at least the ones I'm going to talk about. I'm not talking about chapstick for two reasons:
A) as these are usually kept in random pockets in bags
B) I recently combined a lot of them (as i had so many) to make my own homemade lip balm.

Body shop lip balms are amazing because they really hydrate your lips and they smell AMAZING. however, they do tend to give the best long lasting moisturisation and you do have to top up throughout the day but this also applies to many other lip balm so its not really an issue.

This aromatherapylip balm is from a cosmetics company called bloom. i brought this on offer for around a pound and it smells amazing and offers great hydration. however it is quite hard and therefore makes it difficult to apply. 

I am a huge sucker for Carmex, and i dont know why, i works by heating up you lips and you can feel it tingling which is always strange but its not that dramatic. it has a very distinctive and strong smell, i personally like it but many don't so i can be a huge turn off. i comes in many different forms and i relatively cheap and i would definetly recommend it.

This is a homemade tinted lip balm made using Vaseline and an old lipstick, obviously it depends on the products and amounts that you use but i really love the combined colour and hydration that this gives.

Vaseline is amazing and this tinted version means that you also get some added colour that gives the your lips but better effect.

I have heard many mixed reviews about the nivea lip butter and personally i think that it is merely average in terms of terms of the hydration that it offers but its butter consistency is not that common and makes for a nice change for the usually balms.