Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Affordable Must-haves (Part-1)

As makeup tends to be expensive i shop around a lot and i wanted to share with you these really cheap makeup and beauty items that i love.

Facial cleansing sponges can be expensive (well £5 but that's expensive when you have to keep replacing them) my faviourite ones are from body shop and these are around £4 but these ones from Superdrug are great, when you first by them, make sure to give them a good wash with cleanser to soften them but then there fine and the best bit is... there 99p. yep.

 Toner... i tend to use cheap toner as makeup remover as its not very good at toning so it doesn't make your pores small which isn't always a good thing depending on your skin type and its great at removing the last traces of makeup. it does dry your skin a little but when your have oily skin that's a definite plus. the blue lid is of the boots version, i just prefer it as its a dropper lid. boots essential toner is £1.50 and its slightly better, superdrug simply pure refreshing toner(slightly larger than the boots one) is £1.72 but i got of a few bottles of the superdrug essentials toner on clearance for 10p, i stocked up and bought 3-4 bottles and im not ashamed at all.

Makeup sponges such as beauty blenders are extremely exprensive if you replace them every month but these are really good and the pack, which contains 8 is only £2.19, cosmopolitian also sell other types of makeup sponges for around the same price.

These face wipes from wilkinsons are only 30p, if not sure id want to use them on my face but there great for cleaning your hands and cleaning up any messes without wasting your more expensive face wipes.

 I always lose hair grips so i buy really cheap ones, this pack was a pound from poundland and you can get deals like this at any pound store just make sure they have the little plastic stoppers at the end or they can be very painful to wear. I talk from experience.

 Charlie sell some great body sprays and you can usually get them for around a pound. my favourites are very pink, touch, enchant and in the winter i like red.

The natural collection setting powder is a great setting powder for finishing off your makeup, it isn't the best, Rimmel stay matte and clear perfection are better but i thought i'd give this one a go as i like trying out new  but it does work well and it's £1.99.

I love this face mask. its the superdrug raspberry exfoilating mud mask and it is VERY drying but when you have super oily skin like me this is a must have and some days it is the only thing that works. its avaliable in superdrug for between 2 and 3 pounds.

this is the MUA bronzer is shade 3, this is a great bwonzer, it has great blendable or buildable coverage and comes in 4 shades meaning it will suit most people, and the best bit... its £1.