Monday, 30 December 2013

blogmas day 20: fairy lights

So I recently got fairy lights in my room and I must say I am in love, they were supposed to be for Christmas but I have a feeling they may stay here for a very long time to come. Whoops :)
They're in the shape of diamonds and I got them from Asda in the Christmas range. They are really easy to use as they are battery powered so they do not need to be near to a plug socket, they are a great length(probably around 2 metres) and they don't heat up if you have them on for two long so they can be near fabric and you don't have to worry about damage.
I currently have them strung across the top of one of windows and behind by printer and magazine racks as you can see in the picture.
I'm going to ignore the bit of hipster that they add to my room and thank you for reading, Louise x

Monday, 16 December 2013

blogmas day 16: winter lookbook

sorry that this was done inside but it was possible to do this outside

jeans - republic
checked shirt - newlook
white cardigan - primark
blue jumper - next
red and white jumper - new look (last year)
green dress - primark
These are some of my current favourite pieces, I also wear leggings (all from h&m) a lot but I couldn't show you these as they were in the wash. oops :p
thank you for reading, louise x

Sunday, 15 December 2013

blogmas day 15: winter skincare

My skincare routine tends to stay the same all year round but it has changed in the last few months so I thought I would share it with you.

In the shower I use body shop cucumber cleanser (these removes excess oil and smooths your skin) or Body shop tea tree facial scrub (which is amazing for blemishes) depending on how my skin is that day and I would honestly recommend both so much, bearing in mind that I have oily blemish prone skin. I use a facial sponge (99p from Superdrug) or my body shop facial brush (£4) with these products.

The face mask that I am currently using is the Superdrug raspberry exfoliating mask. I really love this for drying out my skin but I wont dwell too much I have already talked about it before.

Lately, I've been very lazy in taking off my makeup and I have been using face wipes inside of makeup remover like I probably should. Anyway...these face wipes from L'Oreal are really good and removing, cleansing and moisturizing my skin.

These are the products that I use just before applying my makeup. A tea tree anti-spot stick on any blemishes, this one is really good and I got it from Wilkinson's for 98p but you can also get in from Superdrug and given how much I use it I have a feeling that it is going to last me a very long time. The vitamin E eye cream is from the body shop, I love this and use this under my eyes on a daily basis to smooth and remove redness and the other eye cream is from Garnier from pound land, I actual use this in places like around my nose where I have dry skin as it is really only a very intensive moisturiser. Then the moisturiser that I use on face is simple kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser, I tend to need this after all the drying product that I use.
thank you for reading, louise x

blogmas day 14: festive hits

As like everyone else in this world I really struggle not to burst into song when I hear a festive hit whether it be in a supermarket, a car or my room. I thought I woud share some of faviourite with you from the last few years and from the obvious classics.

My favourite festive hits tend to change every year apart from the obvious classic such as:

Happy xmas everybody (war is over):

I wish it could be Christmas everyday:
Do they know it's Christmas:

But my favourites from the last few years are:

Train - shake up Christmas:
I think this was a cola add at some point but it just sounds really festive in my opinion.

Lily Allen - Somewhere only we know:
After the John Lewis I find it hard to believe that anyone can not like this song, I know its not truly festive but it sounds it. Also, I've been reading The fault in our stars and its been scary how A LOT of songs relate to it, this one included ( in this case their third world on the phone ).

thank you for reading, Louise x
videos are obviously not mine

blogmas day 13: winter makeup

My winter makeup is like the rest of makeup all yer round but with darker berry lips which I already have a blog post on.

I stopped wearing foundation or bb cream just because I don't any good ones, instead I've been weating rimmel math perfection concealer under my eyes and 2 true concealer stick or 17 hide away conclearer on my spots. I've been setting this with my W7 sheer loose powder.

For my eyes I've using MUA pro-base eye primer with the lighter ck cream eyeshadow on my lid and the dark brown one in my crease. For mascara I've been using Dior diorshow on my top lashes with 2true clearer mascara (its not very clear any more :S) over the top to stop it smudging and on my bottom lashes.

On my lips I've been loving the natural collection lipstick in cranberry with a berry coloured lipgloss.

For blusher I've been using sleek's pixie pink and for bronzer MUA's bronze in shade 4.

thank you for reading, louise x

Monday, 2 December 2013

My affordable must haves part 2

...and so we continue.

this liquid eyeliner from collection only costs £2.99 and its long lasting and doesn't budge from your face until you touch it which is when it goes everywhere. 

this mascaras from collection are great and only cost £1.99.

Anything you do to help out your spots is always a plus and apply this simple tea tree gel which you can get from Wilkinsons for 98p helps keep everything clean and hygienic.

this is a great eye primer from MUA who in general offer some great bargains.
i really recommend having an eye primer and it really is one of those how did i live before this products.
You can get this from superdrug for £2.50.

This nail whitener is from Rimmel and you put this underneath the tips of your nails.
You can purchase this from Superdrug for just £2.99

this natural collection lipstick in cranberry is great and onl cost £1.99.

I love this BB cream for miss sporty and with two layers it has great evening out qualities. 
it costs £3.49. There are only 2 shades but because of its sheer and build-able coverage it will suit most.

Most cotton pads are the same and so I tend to hunt for the cheapest. I've found that Primark ones are great and you get two of these tubes for a pound.

I'm so sorry about the awful photo quality in this post.

Thank you,
BYE. <3

The Body Shop!

My body shop collection and yes i do realize i have a problem!

cucumber cleanser
shower gel in strawberry, mango and pink grapefruit
body butter in Moroccan rose
body lotion in watermelon pasteque and mango whip
peppermint cooling foot spray
lip balms in passionfruit and melon

These all smell amazing and work lovely. 

Thank you for reading,
hopefully i will see you again soon. x

blogmas day 5: winter lip products

I tend to wear any lip colour at any time of year but there is one "berry sort of" shade that I really love in the winter time. 

Lip gloss from MUA
Lip gloss from Colour Unlimited in Shade 4
Lip stick from Natural Collection in Moisture Shine Cranberry

thank you for reading, louise x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dry lips!

Dry lips are awful, especially in the winter, so i thought id give you reviews of my lip balm and butter etc. collection.

This is my collection or at least the ones I'm going to talk about. I'm not talking about chapstick for two reasons:
A) as these are usually kept in random pockets in bags
B) I recently combined a lot of them (as i had so many) to make my own homemade lip balm.

Body shop lip balms are amazing because they really hydrate your lips and they smell AMAZING. however, they do tend to give the best long lasting moisturisation and you do have to top up throughout the day but this also applies to many other lip balm so its not really an issue.

This aromatherapylip balm is from a cosmetics company called bloom. i brought this on offer for around a pound and it smells amazing and offers great hydration. however it is quite hard and therefore makes it difficult to apply. 

I am a huge sucker for Carmex, and i dont know why, i works by heating up you lips and you can feel it tingling which is always strange but its not that dramatic. it has a very distinctive and strong smell, i personally like it but many don't so i can be a huge turn off. i comes in many different forms and i relatively cheap and i would definetly recommend it.

This is a homemade tinted lip balm made using Vaseline and an old lipstick, obviously it depends on the products and amounts that you use but i really love the combined colour and hydration that this gives.

Vaseline is amazing and this tinted version means that you also get some added colour that gives the your lips but better effect.

I have heard many mixed reviews about the nivea lip butter and personally i think that it is merely average in terms of terms of the hydration that it offers but its butter consistency is not that common and makes for a nice change for the usually balms.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Affordable Must-haves (Part-1)

As makeup tends to be expensive i shop around a lot and i wanted to share with you these really cheap makeup and beauty items that i love.

Facial cleansing sponges can be expensive (well £5 but that's expensive when you have to keep replacing them) my faviourite ones are from body shop and these are around £4 but these ones from Superdrug are great, when you first by them, make sure to give them a good wash with cleanser to soften them but then there fine and the best bit is... there 99p. yep.

 Toner... i tend to use cheap toner as makeup remover as its not very good at toning so it doesn't make your pores small which isn't always a good thing depending on your skin type and its great at removing the last traces of makeup. it does dry your skin a little but when your have oily skin that's a definite plus. the blue lid is of the boots version, i just prefer it as its a dropper lid. boots essential toner is £1.50 and its slightly better, superdrug simply pure refreshing toner(slightly larger than the boots one) is £1.72 but i got of a few bottles of the superdrug essentials toner on clearance for 10p, i stocked up and bought 3-4 bottles and im not ashamed at all.

Makeup sponges such as beauty blenders are extremely exprensive if you replace them every month but these are really good and the pack, which contains 8 is only £2.19, cosmopolitian also sell other types of makeup sponges for around the same price.

These face wipes from wilkinsons are only 30p, if not sure id want to use them on my face but there great for cleaning your hands and cleaning up any messes without wasting your more expensive face wipes.

 I always lose hair grips so i buy really cheap ones, this pack was a pound from poundland and you can get deals like this at any pound store just make sure they have the little plastic stoppers at the end or they can be very painful to wear. I talk from experience.

 Charlie sell some great body sprays and you can usually get them for around a pound. my favourites are very pink, touch, enchant and in the winter i like red.

The natural collection setting powder is a great setting powder for finishing off your makeup, it isn't the best, Rimmel stay matte and clear perfection are better but i thought i'd give this one a go as i like trying out new  but it does work well and it's £1.99.

I love this face mask. its the superdrug raspberry exfoilating mud mask and it is VERY drying but when you have super oily skin like me this is a must have and some days it is the only thing that works. its avaliable in superdrug for between 2 and 3 pounds.

this is the MUA bronzer is shade 3, this is a great bwonzer, it has great blendable or buildable coverage and comes in 4 shades meaning it will suit most people, and the best bit... its £1.